Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sales of homes in Pentwater Village

A study of the property currently for sale in the Village of Pentwater and those homes sold in the Village of Pentwater over the past 5 years.
Note these homes exclude waterfront property and Condos.

To see the report click on the title of the post (in green above)

In summary:-
46 homes sold
42 homes currently for sale.
This suggests perhaps 5 years inventory currently listed.

The chart shows how many properties in each price range sold per year.
1 house sold in each 2 years in the $300,000 and over price range.
increasing to:-
4.5 houses per year for houses less than $150,000

for an average of about 9 homes per year .

This is interesting information in light of the fact that presently on the market are equal numbers of homes in each price range



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