Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Housing recovery

The Case-Schiller index indicates today that the housing sales improved by 0.6% this month past and that house prices have risen slightly.
Also noting that average (across the nation) house prices are down 30% from where they were in early 2006.

That is GREAT news.

We are experiencing a stronger market - our first quarter sales have been stronger than last years marginally.
Whether or not that will be sustained throughout the year remains to be seen butour Brokers are confident in the future of the Pentwater Market.

Looking at the market today it is bifurcated in that there are very good opportunities out there and yet quality homes in good locations are holding and possibly increasing in value and commanding interest from potential buyers.

So good signs all around.

Enjoy Spring - keep well

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trouble with passwords???

If you are troubled with remembering passwords here is a trick to help .
You will not have to actually memorize passwords any more except for one basic piece to the puzzle.
Let's say your name is Jeremiah Heep and your phone number (last four digits) is 4325
Well, everyone can remember their own name I hope!

Make a password that is like this JhHp (First and Last letters of your names noting the case also)
Add the first and last numbers from your phone number (45) So that your password becomes

Now this is the part that you have to remember - the only part.

All your passwords have this as their core. (But remember you can contruct it your own way so long as you can remember it)

Lets say you want to sign into your Google account your password becomes:-
JhHp45G or JhHp45google etc.

Just exactly how you create the password for a given web site depends on how you think of that site; for example
Hewlett Packard - HP or hp (password becomes JhHp45HP)
Norton - NAV or norton etc (password becomes JhHp45NAV)
Paypal - pp (password becomes JhHp45pp)

This way you can pitch that little book you write down passwords in!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter
Keep well