Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is on the way in Pentwater, Michigan

So, the Windfarm nonsense keeps coming - Recently the Government anounced a huge (could it have been $2.2 billion) program to clean up the Great Lakes. Very commendable.
However, with the next wave of their magic wand they want to make our Great Lake into an Industrial Electricity generating plant. Go figure!, as they say.

On the Real Estate front - Real Estate in Pentwater, Hart and Shelby and Silver Lake is still being sold at what we think is a marginally increasing rate.
I have to believe that before the year is out real estate asking prices will start to firm up although at present they are still high especially in the Second Home Market.

Sales are happening in part because the very low interest rates currently available enable people to buy at excellent rates not to mention excellent prices.

There was a lot of Realtor activity in and around Pentwater over the weekend. There were showings of the condominiums (Harbor View on Hancock St near Cenzo's) and residential homes in Pentwater and homes near Ludington and Shelby.

The weather has been just perfect for a walk on the beach and so plan on it soon.
Keep well