Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wind farm and Real Estate Values

While the proponents of Wind Energy are going around asserting that a Wind Farm in your neighborhood will increase your property values I have my doubts.
The noises coming from Local Governmental circles re the wind farm proposal are not entirely encouraging to those of us who are against it.
Is it because they want these wind turbines in the Lake or do they just want them somewhere?

Personally I don't mind if they just want them somewhere - just don't ruin our beautiful unique (in the true meaning of the word) lake.
I'm all for alternative energy sources and how about putting scrubbers on the exhaust from Coal fired plants and using Natural gas of which there is now an abundance. What about getting the French over here to show us how to build a modern Nuclear Power system since I doubt if we now have the ability to do it ourselves.

Well, now that I got that off my chest!! - the real estate values are being impacted right now by the general malaise in the market.
The good news is that our phones have been very busy lately and we are looking forward to a better year in 2010.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lake Michigan Property values

Finally the Lake Michigan water front property values are under pressure - foreclosures may this year make this part of the real estate market difficult.
Already it has been a slow market but now that the numbers of foreclosures seem to be increasing in this market it will give entry level investors a good opportunity while putting others under pressure to sell.
Ultimately the property values will strengthen and increase but I can't say just when that will happen.
One thing I can say for sure is that Foreclosures and the prospect of a Wind Farm close to shore are 2 factors that must go away before we will see any confidence return to the market.
The Wind Farm business also affects the second home market in general. No-one wants a second home in an industrial area - which is what our playgrounds will become if this Wind Farm nonsense as allowed to proceed.
The GOOD NEWS is that a lot of people who could not afford a home previously are now in the market and acquiring nice homes in the under $150,000 range.
Keep well

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wind Farm Woes

There is a tremendous concern presently that a Wind Farm might appear in lake Michigan only a mile or 2 from our beautiful shoreline.
Take some time to contact your Representative and Senator to tell them that you don't want this to happen.
And if you, perhaps, do want it to happen then either you do not have an interest in Lake MI shoreline in Oceana County or you are under a misunderstanding about what this wind farm will do for us. Or maybe you stand to gain from the Millions of dollars of Taxpayer money that will be used to create such a monstrosity.

Public Meetings are to be held in Shelby High School at 7pm on the 18th Jan 2010
and in the Peterson Auditorium in ludington at 7pm on teh 19th January.
Contact me if you want further contacts and info.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year - a new program

This year I plan to write here more prequently - Hows that for a start?

Major fight coming up on the part of the land owners along the shoreline of Lake MI - The Wind Farm.
I will try to provide some info - First there is a meeting on the 18th Jan in the Shelby High School. Followed by another in the Peterson Auditorium in Ludington the following night - it would be great if so many people turned up that they could not all get in the building!
There is a Facebook group "people against the Lake Michigan wind farm"

On the real estate side - sales have been staedy but small residential homes only. This is a good time to buy - no doubt about that.